Local Management

Shai Dory

Shai Dory - I-SEC Spain Country Manager

Shai Dory has joined I-SEC Spain Services in May 2006, at the startup of company with Continental Airlines (today United). Shai has started in the position of Agent Supervisor, through the product and was promoted to the trainer position 6 months thereafter.

Within the company, in 2008, Shai has become the Station Manager which later evolved into a country manager position with Valencia station servicing Delta Airlines.

Today Shai is leading the I-SEC Spain's handling subsidiary company as well as the Portuguese LIS station.

Shai has built a strong team of professionals to serve 5 airlines on a daily basic.

Urko Franco

Urko Franco - I-SEC Spain Duty Manager

Urko joined I-SEC in July 2012 signed up as Station Duty Manager. Before, he worked in ICTS since 2008 as security agent. In 2009 he became Supervisor and in 2010 he reached the position of International Security Coordinator and GSC.

Now, he is responsible of maintaining a stable manpower in the company through the planning, review contractual and hiring new staff. Also responsible for optimizing and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and employee compliance with the high quality standards of the company, analyzing operational issues to determine the most effective use of all resources.